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A Japanese opera singer performed a concert for IDPs
Tədbirlər 28 December, 2023


Japanese Masashi Tomosugi, one of the world's famous singers in opera and classical music, performed an interesting concert program in the residential complex “Gobu Park” in the Garadagh district of the capital. The concert, organized jointly by the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons with the Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan, aimed at contributing to the development of cultural relations between our countries as well as enabling the young generation to get acquainted with opera and classical music and positively influencing the formation of modern artistic and aesthetic taste in them.


Masashi Tomosugi, who performed on major stages of the world and lived and worked in Italy, which is considered the center of opera art, presented his performances with the same skill and enthusiasm in the Assembly Hall of Zangilan district secondary school No. 20 in “Gobu Park”. Alongside parts from famous operas and classical music pieces, he also enthusiastically performed the unforgettable Azerbaijani composer and singer Muslim Magomayev's song “O more, more” (“Oh, sea, sea”).


The singer was accompanied on the piano by Misato Sasaki.


Special guests of the concert, including the teacher of the Children Music School of Gulabli village of Aghdam district operating in the residential complex where IDPs temporarily settled in Mushfigabad settlement of Garadagh district, young singer Habil Mammadov and his students performed together with the Japanese singer, music by Uzeyir Hajibayov, lyrics by Mahammad Fuzuli “Sevgil Janan” (Lovely Sweetheart) romance received continuous applause from the audience.


Masashi Tomosugi, visiting Azerbaijan for the second time, expressed his satisfaction with performing in front of the IDP schoolchildren and their parents, stated his intention to continue collaboration to enhance cultural exchange, and expressed his willingness to contribute to such initiatives in the future.


The event was attended by representatives of the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, the Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan, and temporary residents, including IDPs, at the “Gobu Park” residential complex.


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