"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".

Internally displaced persons


The persons being forced to leave the place of permanent residence in territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, moved in the other place within the country as a result of external military aggression, capture of the certain territories or presence of such territories under regular bombardment are considered IDPs.


The privileges of  IDPs


In accordance with the  2nd Clause of Decree No.298 of July 1, 2004 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on  the approval of the “State Programme for Improving Living Conditions and Increasing Employment of Refugees and IDPs”, the eviction of IDPs from the public buildings, flats, land allotments, and other objects where they were settled in 1992-1998 (not depending on the type of the ownership) is stopped until their return to their native homes or temporary resettlement place in new settlements or houses;


In accordance with the Decree No.298 of July 1, 2004 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, heads of private education establishments, high and comprehensive study schools were recommended to provide assistance in employment of refugees and IDPs and also to consider concessions in payment of tuition fees;


According to the Decree of August 4, 2003 of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, IDPs studying on fee based form at the state high educational and comprehensive speciality establishments are free of payment of tuition fees. According to the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 14 September 2011 starting from the educational year of 2011/2012 the tuition fee for the IDPs newly admitted for the bachelor or magister degree stage on fee based form will be paid from the state budget;


the IDP pupils in comprehensive schools are entitled for free textbooks;


the IDPs have the priority right to keep their jobs on the occasion of redandancies or cuts in the offices, enterprises and organisations;


the medications considered for free prescription by the Ministry of Health are paid for the IDPs by the state budget;


they are entitled for free medical examination and treatment;


they are free of charges when getting the citizenship IDPs;


they are free of court charges when appealing to the courts;


they are free of paying income tax for up to 55 fold of conditional financial unit;


they are free of payment of notary charges when purchasing flats and residential houses.