"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".
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An infotour to the Fuzuli city was organized by the State Committee
Tədbirlər 18 October, 2023

An infotour to the Fuzuli city was organized by the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in according with the Action Plan of the State Program on “Great Return to the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.


An infotour was attended by media representatives and photographers who collaborated with the State Committee in the field of information, propaganda, explanation and agitation for the return of internally displaced persons to newly built settlements.


The guests present observed the acts of destruction and vandalism that took place there during the occupation of our territories for almost 30 years. At the same time, they were introduced to restoration and construction work and widespread projects being implemented in the territories liberated from occupation. Infotour participants visited a school with 960 seats, built as a gift by the government of Uzbekistan in a residential area under construction in the city of Fuzuli. They took part in the ceremony of presenting the keys to new apartments to the families of internally displaced persons who returned to their homeland as part of the Great Return process, and also heard the views and opinions of residents. Representatives of the State Committee provided them with detailed information on the progress of resettlement, resettlement and reintegration measures.


Infotur gave the participants an opportunity to understand the value and scale of the works carried out by the state to improve our territories and turn them into a real paradise.



In conclusion, the participants stated that the tour was productive and useful. As part of the Action Plan of the State Program on the Great Return, infotours to the liberated territories will be continued.


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