"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".
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An information seminar for internally displaced people was held in Barda
Tədbirlər 26 October, 2023

An information seminar was organized by the Azerbaijan Community Development Research, the Training & Resource Center for displaced persons temporarily settled in the city of Barda.


Displaced people from Aghdam, Lachin and Kalbajar attended the seminar. The aim of the seminar is to inform our citizens who will return to the lands liberated from occupation, about the Great Return I State Program and to lay the groundwork for increasing participation in the program.


Representatives of  Azerbaijan Community Development Research, the Training & Resource Center Public Union Rovshan Aghayev, Jamila Mahammad and Gulana Guliyeva provided with information the participants about the project “Organization of reintegration measures for the adaptation of the population to new living conditions” and “What is community building and sustainable community”.


The event was conducted using various interactive methods, including “focus group” discussions and the “group work” method. The preparation of internally displaced persons for their return, representatives of each district joined the group discussion “Let’s get to know each other and get to know ourselves” with the objective of enhancing. The groups provided with information about the region and village from which they were internally displaced, expressed their views on return, and made suggestions about what they would like their home villages to be like.


The event participants showed appreciation to President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva for being surrounded by comprehensive government assistance, the brave Azerbaijani army, which saved our lands from occupation, and our heroic soldiers and officers, honored the memory of our martyrs who gave their lives for independence of their country with great respect.


The event took place on “Organization of reintegration activities to adapt the population to new living conditions” of the priority direction “Return of the population and creation of sustainable communities in the territories” of the Action Plan “I State Program for the Great Return to the Territories Liberated from the Occupation of the Republic of Azerbaijan” according to the agreement signed between the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Community Development Research, the Training & Resource Center.


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