"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".
About the work done during 2016 by State Committee on deals of Refugees and IDPs

About the work done during 2016 by State Committee on deals of Refugees and IDPs 




The solution of social problems of internally displaced persons 


Purposeful measures have been implemented for strengthening social protection and improving living standards of internally displaced persons according to the current legislation of the relevant area and accepted State Programs in the reporting year under the relationship of Mr. Ilham Aliyev - President of Azerbaijan Republic, who has continued the political course of the national leader Heydar Aliyev successfully and resolutely.  


During 2016:


President of Azerbaijan Republic signed one decree and the Cabinet of Ministers made 10 orders and  resolutions.


Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic met with internally displaced persons 31 times in 2004-2016 and once in 2016 in new settlements.


Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic attended in the opening ceremony of a new settlement for 400 IDP families in Fuzuli on the 12th of November. Consequently, liquidation of 16 finnish-typed settlements completed.


It was provided to resettle 440 IDPs living temporarily in finnish-typed settlements, 304 IDPs of Gazakh, 135 IDPs of Zagatala, 400 IDPs of Fuzuli in the resettlements of the same regions, 50 IDP families in 5-storey building being constructed in Baku, Sabunchu district, Ramana settlement, 20 families in the building being constructed in Shirvan, and 44 families living temporarily in Mardakan boarding house of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population for disabled in new flats in Absheron. 232 IDP families are provided to move by paying them one-time compensation.  


The construction of unfinished 55 private houses for Meskhetian Turks was completed.


At the expense of funds allocated from reserve fund of state budget to 14 IDP families damaged by fire at Sarigaya area of Binagadi district, Baku city the facility was restored and put into operation and one-time compensation was paid to the damaged families.


Funds were allocated from Reserve Fund of state budget due to the restoration of 260 damaged houses of IDPS and damage to the personal property as a result of shelling of settlements resided by civil population in Aghdam and Tartar regions by Armenian armed forces at the beginning of April 2016.


105 families on Tartar region and 15 families on Aghdam region, 120 families in total were assisted with money, and repair and restoration works in 182 houses were completed using the funds allocated. Relevant measures related to the reconstruction of remaining 78 houses in Tartar region are carried out.


Thus, the resettlement of 1625 families or 7000 people in new flats was provided during the last year.


A new Agreement was concluded with the World Bank stipulating the components of improvement of living standards of IDPs, support of their livelihoods. 


In general, in more than 30 cities and regions of the Republic 95 modern settlements provided with all social and technical infrastructures consisting of 3,2 million square meters area were built for refugees and IDPs between 2001-2016 at the expense of the funds  allocated from State oil Fund and other sources. And 90 units or 95 percent of these settlements consisting of 3,0 million square meter of residential area were built during last 13 years. 


150 schools, 6 music schools, 1 art school, 1 palace of culture, 50 cultural centers, 59 kindergartens, 58 health centers, 2 Olympic sports centers were constructed, 718 km roadway, 960 km water pipeline, 1605 km air power line, 442 km gas pipeline, 66 km communications line, 26 km heat pipeline, 89 km sewer line, 163 km drainage network were set, 830 electric transformers of different capacity have been installed in the new residential settlements.


Thus, housing and living standards of 50 thousand families or 250 thousand refugees and IDPs were improved up to now, and such measures on 46 thousand families or 230 thousand people (92%) of them have been taken for last 13 years.


Currently, design and estimate documentations of settlements and neighbourhoods for 800 families in Kurdakhani settlement, Sabunchu district, Baku city, 330 families in Pirallahi district, 300 families in Umid settlement, Garadagh district, 1170 families in Tartar region, 146 families in Beylagan region, 685 families in Shirvan city, 2900 families in Sumgait city, 563 families in Kurdamir region, 250 families in Ujar region are prepared.


In addition, relevant land areas were allocated for the new design works in Ganja city, Goranboy, Barda and Aghjabadi regions.


Information system consisting of list of IDPs receiving monthly food cost allowance was established and placed on “E-government” portal.  


Ministries, committees, companies, concerns and joint-stock companies provided various assistance to IDPs in the amount of 1, 0 million manats during holidays.


Humanitarian aid was provided for 42 regional (city) executive powers on State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs  in the amount of 1,0 million manats.


The payment of average monthly salary of 9 thousand IDPs who have previously worked in enterprises, organizations funded from the budget, deprived of workplaces and not recruited due to reasons beyond their control was continued.


Current repair works were carried out in the 84 facilities temporarily settled by the IDPs.


Under the "Support of Living Standards and Livelihoods of IDPs" Project implemented in accordance with the Loan Agreement concluded  between the Azerbaijani Government and  the World  Bank  63 community  microprojects from which 32 thousand  persons benefited and the amount of which is 8,0 million manats  were  performed by Social Development Fund for IDPs of Azerbaijan Republic and major repair works were completed in 23 facilities densely populated by IDPs.


Industrial goods with 900 thousand manats were manufactured by Agrarian Industrial and Agrarian Farmer Economies under the State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs in 2016.


IDP certificates were issued to 26 thousand persons.


34 power transformers of different brands, 49 artesians and 12 water pumps, 8890 meter power cables, 96.0 thousand meter power cords and other auxiliary equipments and goods-materials were supplied to temporary residential facilities by the State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs in 2016.


During the year, different humanitarian and development projects were implemented in the amount of 20.0 million manats as a result of transparent, free and efficient conditions created for 20 international and 24 local humanitarian organizations through them which the activities were coordinated by Republican Commission on International Humanitarian Aid.


The liberalization work of power supply of space-saving residential facilitates of IDPs was fully implemented regardless of other electricity processors in all territories of the Republic, as well as Baku city.


It was intended to install the energy counters in 151925 apartments generally by “Azerishig” OJSC. Currently energy counters were installed in 148922 apartments (98%), as well as in 110097 private houses and 38825 apartments in space-saving residential facilities. 59554 (40,0%) of them are "smart card " type counters.


The work on the installation of gas counters intended in the private and space-saving residential facilities of all the cities and regions (including Baku city) of the Republic by «Azerigas» Production Association of the State Oil Company was completely finished. Residential areas and settlements resided by IDPs are rapidly supplied with gas. While exploiting the newly constructed buildings are supplied with counters.


The creation of new jobs related to the events described in Section 2 of State Program on the increase of employment and reduction of poverty of the IDPS was ever in spotlight.


126 IDPs were provided with permanent jobs and 400 people with temporary jobs in temporary residential areas. As a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and its structural divisions, 1426 people were provided with permanent jobs, a status of unemployed were given to 383 people, unemployment benefits were provided to 422 people. 310 people were involved in training courses based on the modern demands of labour market and 203 people were involved in social works.


2.3 million manats of soft loans were given for financing of investment project of 173 IDPs business entities through the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan Republic and 266 new workplaces were created consequently.


In 2016, 750 manats was spent on each IDPs.


The meeting was held with over 150 representatives of foreign countries, international financial bodies, humanitarian and the development organization in this field for informing the world about the realities on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and the meeting of them with IDPs in the newly built settlements and temporary residential areas was organized.


During 2016, 60-page handbook was drawn up in 7 languages about Khojali Genocide by the Committee and they were presented to the guests during the meetings.


On April 19-21, 2016, delegation led by Mr. Ali Hasanov, the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Republic, chairman of the State Commission for Combating Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking attended the 30th special session of UN General Assembly dedicated to the drug problem and combating in New York City, USA.


Within the V Baku International Humanitarian Forum on September 30, 2016, the realities on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict were brought to the attention of delegation of foreign countries and reputable persons attending the event in the "round table" held on "The importance of protection of human capital as the basis of continuous development in the conditions of displacement of people".


The representative of the Committee participated in 290 judicial process on removal of internally displaced person from the places where they have settled in the current year based on the applications entered to the State Committee on Deals of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of Azerbaijan Republic on Paragraph 2 of the Order No. 298 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated on July 01, 2004.
More than 70 thousands of written applications entered to the Cabinet of Minister of Azerbaijan Republic and State Committee on Deals of Refugees and Internally Displaced Person by the refugees and internally displaced persons in 2016 were reviewed, 20 thousands of people were accepted and the applications more than 80 percent were solved positively.


Həyata keçirilən tədbirlərə baxmayaraq, məcburi köçkünlərin xeyli hissəsi hələ də yaşayış üçün yararlı olmayan ictimai binalarda, yataqxanalarda, sağlamlıq düşərgələrində və digər müvəqqəti məskunlaşma yerlərində ağır şəraitdə yaşayır və bir çox sosial problemlərlə üzləşirlər.


Mövcud qanunvericilik aktlarında, bu sahə ilə bağlı qəbul edilmiş Dövlət Proqramına, həmin Dövlət Proqramında Azərbaycan Respublikası Prezidentinin müvafiq Sərəncamları ilə təsdiq edilmiş Əlavələrdə nəzərdə tutulan məsələlər, ölkə başçısı tərəfindən qarşıya qoyulan vəzifələr və verilmiş tapşırıqlar bundan sonra da vaxtlı-vaxtında və uğurla həyata keçiriləcəkdir.