"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".
On works performed within 2012 year by the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

On works performed within 2012 year by the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons




 Solution of social problems of internally displaced persons    


The implementation of measures intended in the State Program «On improvement of living conditions and increasing employment of refugees and internally displaced persons» approved by Order No.298  on July, 2004  of the Presient of Azerbaijan  Republic  and «Additions» made  to  the State  Program  approved by Orders No 2475 dated on October 31, 2007, No 1346 dated on February 21, 2011 were  continued successfully  in 2012.


During the year, the President of Azerbaijan Republic adopted 2 Decrees and Orders, the Cabinet of Ministers made 17 decisions and orders.


In the previous year:


On January 21, 2014, the President  of  Azerbaijan Republic  Ilham Aliyev  attended  the  opening  ceremony  of  a block  consisting  of   9five-storey residential building  settled  for  525 internally displaced persons in Goranboy region, on September 9, the opening  of  settlement  built  for  423 IDPs in the territory  of  Shaki region and on December 27,  in the opening ceremony  of  newly settled  block  for  1440 IDPs in the territory of Mushvigabad  settlement, Garadagh district;


resettlement  of  internally displaced  persons to the block   consisting  of  10  residential buildings  for 560 families with all the bütün zəruri sosial-texniki infrastruktur obyektlərinə in Agjabadi  city  was  completed;


new  residential settlement was built  for 195 IDPs settled  in fintype settlement in the territory  of barda region and  resettlement  of internally displaced  persons was completed;


in the first  phase  a new settlement  was built for 325  families from  550 IDP families  temporarily settled in fin-type settlements in the territory  of  Imishli region  and put into use  of IDPs:


a new residential block was settled for  502 internally displaced persons  temporarily settled in fin-type settlements and  school building  in the  territory  of  Mingachevir city;


the construction  of  a new  settlement  for  760 IDP families in the territory  of  Masazyr settlement, Absheron  region is nearing completion;


in 2012, 871 IDP families were moved to the new apartments taken into state  ownership in connection with the state needs  at the expense of  funds allocated  by Ministry of Finance;


the construction of  28 houses (13 houses in Beylagan region, 7 houses in Oghuz region, 8 houses in Saatli region) for Meskhetian Turks at the expense of  1 million manat investment costs from the state budget was completed;


7 private houses werebuilt for 7 IDP families from Lachin region inMurovdagh settlement, Goychay region.


So, in 2012 the housing condition of 4.553 families and 22.765 internally displaced persons was improved which is more than 2.430 families or 12.150 persons compared to 2011.


During the year, 6 new residential complexes with an area of 296 thousand square meters were built, 4.553 IDp families  consisting  of    22.765 persons  were resettled to new houses, 6  schools  with  330 seat  were constructed.


Also 6 kindergartens, 4 medical centres, 5 clubs-commmunity centres, 5 administrative building were built and put into use, 42,0 km roadway,  60,0 km water pipeline, 129,0 km power line, 92,5 km gas pipeline, 3,4 km heat line, 7,4 km sewer line, 12 reservoirs  of different capacity,  5 pump stations, 32 complete  transformer substations  were  constructed, 22  high-voltage transformers were  installed.


Thus, the local population also benefited from settlements and infrastructure built for all refugees and internally displaced persons in all regions.  


The funds of 86,6 million manats allocated in 2012 for the public utilities used by IDPs were paid directly to the service organizations through the treasury in the manner centralized for actual consumption under the established norms.


The funds in the amount of 108, 7 million manats allocated from state budget for the payment of food cost allowance for 2012were given to IDPs through ATMs.


Ministry, committee, company, concern and joint-stock companies assisted IDPs different aids worth 5, 0 million manat on various holidays.


In autumn-winter seasons (October, November, December, January and February) 40 litre kerosene was provided for 64,6  thousand IDPs families at the  expense  of  6,8  million manats  approved  for  the purchase  of  stove fuel.


Humanitarian aid  in the amount of  696,2 thousand  manats made by  the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons was  made  to 24  regional (city) executive power  and   in the amount  of 28,9  thousand manats, totally 725,1 thousand manats made on the base  of applications  received by refugees  and  internally  displaced  persons.


The payment of average monthly salary of more than 12 thousand internally displaced persons previously worked in enterprises, organizations funded from the budget, deprived of workplaces and not recruited due to reasons beyond their control was continued.


Repair works was carried out in the 37 facilities settled temporarily by the IDPs.


Industrial  goods  in the amount  of  900,0 thousand manats  were  produced  in 2012  by the  agro-industrial and  agricultural farms under the  the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons.


In 2012,  73 temporary  settlement  facilities  were supplied with 40 power  transforms  of various types, 40 artesian and  other water pump,  3060 meter  power cable, 93500 meter power conductor  and  other  auxiliary equipment and  materials  by the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and IDPs.


During the reporting  period  1938, including  613 persons in  densely and temporarily populated areas internally displaced persons and  as a  result  of mutual interaction with Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and its structural divisions, 1.325 were provided with  permanent works, 1858  with  seasonal works. 570 were given the status of unemployment, 605 were appointed to the unemployment benefits. 385 were involved in vocational courses and 139 in public works on the base of requirements of labor market.


In 2012, 9  thousand of internally displaced persons, in the years  of  2004-2012 85,5 thousand were  provided with  relevant work, 3.770 wrre given  the unemployment  status, 2331were involvet  in vocational-training  courses, 1.716 in the paid  public works, 16 thousand  families  were given targeted  social assistance.


Under the program of the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of  Ministry of  Economy and  Industry  of the Azerbaijan  Republic, in the years  of 2004-2012, prferential loan in the amount  of 32,2 milion manats   were granted  to the financing  of  investment  project of entrepreneurship subjects of 1534 internally displaced families, including 22,6 million manats to 874 internally displaced  entrepreneur  in 2012, also 9,3 preferential loan  were given  to  3 investment project which  is based on new  technologies.


Installation of electric meter in overall 96069 apartments was intended by «Azerenergy» JSC. Today, 58340 electric meters have been installed in private houses, 32560 in the apartment at compactsettlement facilities, generally -90900 (94,6%) electric meters  have been installed. 27300  (30%) of them are  “smart-card” type electric meters. Installation of electric meters by «Bakielektrikshebeke» OJSC in private and compact settlements was completely finished.


Facilitation work of power supply at compact residential facilitates settled by the internally displaced persons in all territories, including Baku city regardless of other   power processors has been fully implemented. 


The work on the installation of gas meters intended in the private and compact settlement facilities of all the cities and regions (including Baku city) of the Republic   by «Azerigas» Production Association of the State Oil Company has been completely finished. Residential areas and settlements resided by internally displaced persons are rapidly equipped with gas. While exploiting the newly constructed buildings are supplied with electric meter. Currently, 352.625 IDPs are provided with natural gas in the Republic.


Recently modern heating system is installed for heating the apartments in high-rise buildings constructed for internally displaced persons and flats of IDPs are supplied with heat.


Various  priority humanitarian and  development projects with the value of  30,0 million USD were implemented  as a result  of  transparent, free and  sustainable condition  created for  49  international, 43 local humanitarian organizations of which  activities are coordinated annually by Republican Commission on International Humanitarian Aid.


During the last 9 years, the   poverty rate among IDPs decreased from 75% up to 15%. 1040 manat funds were spent in 2012 due to benefits and public utilities provided for each IDP. It is the highest rate compared to all conflict zones around the world.


Implementation of relevant measures for the regular delivery of truth to the world community regardingArmenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was continued.


Also, during the year 180 meeting were held with the representatives of foreign countries, international financial bodies, as well as humanitarian and development organizations in this field.




According to the item 2 of the order No 298 dated on July 1, 2004 issued by the President of Azerbaijan Republic and on the base of 674 applications (466 applicatins from refugees and internally displaced persons, 208 applications from other citizens) were received by the State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, the representative of the Committee participated in the 213 judicial processes on moving IDPs from the places they had settled.


In 2012, more than 60 thousand oral and written application presented by refugees and internally displaced persons to the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic and State Committee on the Affairs of Refugees and IDPs were reviewed, 10 thousand persons were received and more than 80 percent of applications were resolved positively.