"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".
About the works done by the State Committee for Affairs of Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan within 2010

About the works done by the State Committee for Affairs of Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan within 2010




In 2010 the following works were carried out in accordance with the execution of “The State Program on Improving Living Conditions and Increasing Employment among Refugees and IDPs” by the Order No. 298 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of July 1, 2004, “Appendixes” made to the same State Program by Order No. 2475 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of October 31, 2007 and the solution of the problems of refugees and IDPs, and due to the fulfillment of the duties put forward by great leader, as well as normative-legal documents in this sphere under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev in Presidential Palace on September 04, 2007:    


339,1 million manats was spent to solve social problems of refugees and IDPs in 2010 (207, 1 million manats from budget, 105 million manats from State Oil Fund, but 27 million manats from international humanitarian and development organizations). 202, 0 million manats of 207, 1 million manats, intended to be paid from state budget, was spent in current year appropriately. 


The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev participated and had a speech in the opening ceremony of 2 five - storey buildings for 155 IDP`s families constructed in Gabala region on February 27, 2010, a block of multi-storey buildings (10 five-storey buildings, a school for 440 pupils, 50 kindergartens with 50 beds etc.) for 612 IDP`s families in Yevlakh region on November 10, 2010, new settlement built for 689 IDP`s families near Guzanlı settlement (for 651 IDP`s families settled in fin settlement and 38 IDP’s families in school buildings) in Aghdam region on November 11, 2010,   new Olympic Sport Complex built in Horadiz city of Fuzuli region. 


The construction of five-story dwelling house is finished in Ramana settlement of Absheron region for 70 IDPs families intended to be moved from the objects (especially metro stations) in Baku city and IDPs were guaranteed to be moved from the apartments in that building.


The construction of a five-story building with 40 apartments was finished in the block of 2 five - story buildings built in the territory allocated by Zaraghan municipality for 155 IDPs families in accordance with the moving of 40 IDPs families settled temporarily in the ex military hospital of the Soviet army situated in the territory of Zaraghan village in Gabala region where chemical waste was gathered and internally displaced persons were moved to the apartments in that building.


The construction of Administrative building for Jabrail region Executive Power was finished in Bilasuvar region. Afterwards the rooms of the building were begun to be furnished and equipped.


The construction of 3 five-storey dwelling houses (2 of them with 60 apartments and the other one with 45 apartments) for 164 İDPs families in Goranboy region and a school for 360 pupils was finished in accordance with the acceleration of social-economic development of Naftalan city. The Act of State Admission Committee is being officially registered at present. The works is being carried in kindergarten and engineering services on. Preparatory works is being carried out to prepare appropriate design budget documents in accordance with the construction of additional buildings (music school, administrative building) in the block built in Goranboy region and to propose amendments in the agreed main plan.


100 hectare land area was allocated to construct a settlement for 500 families of internally displaced persons in administrative territory of Imishli region.


The specifications were developed for the territory (8, 0 hectare for 502 families) allocated in Mingechevir city and an agreement was made with   design organization in respect of carrying out design work. The preparation of design budget documents was finished and Head Office of State Expertise was applied in accordance with getting appropriate agreements to present the documents.  


The specifications were developed for the territory (84, 0 hectare for 423 families) allocated in Shaki city, an agreement was made to prepare design budget documents. Engineering searching jobs were finished in object, the main plan of the settlement, the designs and budgets of houses (1, 2, 3, 4 room houses) were prepared and the designs of social and infrastructure services are being prepared.


Land documents and specifications on Agjabadi region (for 994 families settled in Finnish settlements and 114 IDPs families settled in school buildings-totally 1108 families): to construct new settlement for 552 families from Lachin region and to build multistory houses for 556 families from other regions) have beenobtained. Agreements on both objects have been made with “Azerdovlettikintilayihe” (“Azerstateconstructionproject”) State Project Institute and preparation is being continued for project estimation documents at present.


22,0 hectare (pasture) land was allocated (near Mushvigabad settlement)from winterfield No 14 in the administrative territory of Garadagh district of Baku city for 1410 IDPs families temporarily settled in the buildings of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan Republic and those who needed to moved, in accordance with the design and construction of new micro-district with necessary social-technical infrastructure. The specifications was obtained from “Azersu” OJSC, “Azeriqaz” PU and “Azerenergy” OJSC, the “Construction Passport” was prepared by the Executive Power of Baku City and preparatory works are being carried out to make an agreement with the project organization.


Land documents were obtained on Balakan region (the construction of five-storey building for 43 families temporarily settled in school buildings in the region) and the specifications were applied to be obtained.


Land areas were allocated for 932 IDPs families living under bad condition in dugouts, shacks made from reed and air-brick in the territory called “Dordyol” (“Four ways”) of Aghdam region from the Banovsheler (30 hectare) and Imamqulubeyli (70 hectare) settlements of the same region. The specifications were gained and the “Construction Passport” was prepared.


Land area has been allocated from Beylagan region territory for the construction of the administrative Building of Khojavand region Executive Power, the specifications have been obtained, compiling of project estimation documents have been finished, Head Office of State Expertise has given a positive reference and agreement has been signed with contractor organization. 


12 hectare land was allocated from Masazir village of Absheron region for 758 IDPs families, settled in 7 dormitories of Baku State University, to be moved from that territory after the construction of new multi-storey buildings. Social Development Fund of Internally Displaced Persons applied to related organizations to provide the new block with appropriate engineering services and specifications were obtained. Executive Power of Absheron region was applied in accordance with the preparation of “Construction Passport”. Preparatory works are being conducted to start design work.


105 million manats was spent by the State Oil Fund to improve the living conditions for IDPs in 2010.


The housing and living conditions of 1566 IDPs families with 7047 persons was improved after they had moved to the apartments in new built settlements and multi-storey buildings in 2010.


Generally 2360 persons out of whom 735 IDPs settled temporarily in densely territories were employed permanently but 1625 persons by Ministry of Labor and Social Defense of Population and as a result of mutual activity with its structural sections and 4458 persons were employed temporarily in the current year.    Furthermore, 104 persons were declared unemployed, 123 persons were granted pensions for unemployment. 363 persons were involved in vocational training on the base of requirements of labor market and 312 persons were involved in payable public works.


Paying monthly salary was carried on for over 14 thousand internally displaced persons who worked in the enterprises financed from the budget and weren’t employed.


770 applications were submitted to the Committee under the II Item of the Order No. 298 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 1, 2004 (579 application by refugees and IDPs, but 191 ones by citizens), representative of Committee participated in 144 judicial processes in accordance with moving IDPs from the places they settled in. 


Construction of 54 half-built houses was finished for Mashati Turks in Sabirabad, Saatli, Agjabadi and Shamkir regions at the expense of state investment expenditure.


Current repairs were implemented in 44 objects where refugees and IDPs temporarily settled in.  


77,1 million manats from funds 80,3 million manats approved in 2010 for communal costs used by internally displaced persons, have been paid to the service organizations centrally, by direct treasury for actual consumption upon estimatednorms.


45360 meters from 83730 active energy meters intended by “Azerenerji” OJSC have been installed in private house and in 23300 flats in compact settlement objects during 2010. Generally, total 68660 (82%) meters were installed upon “Azerenerji” OJSC. Installation of active-energy meters was completely finished in private and compact dwelling areas by “Bakielektrikshebeke” OSJC.


Facilitation (570 upon “Bakielektrikshebeke” OSJC, 1055 upon “Azerenerji” OJSC) of power supply of compact settlement objects considered for all territories of the Republic has been 100 % completely finished. Internally displaced families settled down in all cities and regions of the republic, are supplied with electric power continuously and there are not any limitations in power supply.


The installation of gas meters (compact-1535, private-45659, totally-47194) intended in private and compact settlement objects in all cities and regions of the republic (including Baku city) upon “Azeriqaz” PU has been completely finished. Populated areas and settlements settled down by IDPs are rapidly supplied with gas. New buildings are supplied with meters while exploitating. At present about half (260933 persons) of the internally displaced families upon republic are supplied with natural gas.


Lately, modern heating system is installed for heating flats in high-rise building constructed for IDPs and flats of internally displaced persons are supplied with heat.


35 different mark power transformers, 25 KTP boards, 48 water pumps, 2200 meter power cables, 67900 meter electric cables have been issued to 74 settlement objects upon different regions.


90,9 million manats from means in 92,1 million manats approved for payment of allowance of cost on food from state budget for 2010 were issued to IDPs by cash dispenser.


40 liters of kerosene was distributed per family (in January-February) for 80 IDPs families and means in 7,1 million manats of 7,5 million manats approved for obtaining furnace oil were spent in autumn-winter.


Different subsidies in the amount of 3,3 million manats were rendered to IDPs on the eve of holidays by Ministries, committees, companies, trusts and stock companies.


97 different kinds of communal microprojects were (total cost of microprojects comprised 5,5 million manats) completed by SDFIDP during 2010 on Credit Agreement concluded between World Bank and Azerbaijan Government.


56,12 thousand people as well as 47,14 thousand (84,0%) IDPs benefited from these microprojects. Micro-credits which total cost comprises 2,8 million manats (2,2 million manats –for internally displaced persons) have been allocated to 2383 persons including to 1906 IDPs in different regions and cities of Azerbaijan on account of financial funds of World Bank and Azerbaijan Government.

9,5 thousand people benefited from these microcredit programs so that 80 % of them i.e. 7,6 thousand persons are internally displaced persons.

Appropriate measures were carried out and still are continued related with delivering the truths on Armenian-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Garabakh conflict to attention of world community regularly.On January 19, 2010 detailed information was given to the correspondent of “Euronews” TV channel by the chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan on affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons about carried out measures in the direction of historical roots of Upper Garabakh conflict, the problems of more than one million refugees and IDPs caused as a result of it, the difficulties that they met, solution of refugees and IDPs’ problems by state.


On January 20-21, 2010 the correspondent got acquainted with new settlements constructed for IDPS in the area of Fizuli, Agdam, Beylagan and Goranboy regions, spoke to IDPs as well as he visited Shikharkh settlement once being occupied by Armenians then released attending military units in the line of contact of Tartar and Agdam regions, recorder destructed houses, savageries committed by armenians and prepared a reportage named after “Upper Garabakh“: -in the refugees camp in Azerbaijan” and this reportage wastelecasted in “Euronews” TV Channel.


Walter Callin, representative of UNO Secretary General on human rights of IDPs, has visited the regions temporary settled down by IDPs, looked to Zobujug settlements constructed for IDPs in Fizuli region from air, met the inhabitants in “Khojavand-500” settlement in the territory of Beylagan region, got acquainted closely with the living conditions of IDPs settled in area Vagazin in the territory of Takhta korpu temporary settled down by IDPs from Lachin region during his visit to our country. 


Deputy Secretary General of UNO Mrs. Asha-Rose Migiro met IDPs settled in the hostel N1of Management and Technology College, visited newly constructed complex in the area of integrated house-building factory N2 in Binagadi district.


Member of French Senate, Mrs. Natali Guli has met IDPs who temporary settled in the hostel №1 of Management and Technology College in Darnagul settlement of Binagadi district, visited new settlement constructed in the area Beylagan region for IDPs from Khojavand region.


On June 7, the members of Mass Media of Germany met  chairman of State Committee on affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, organized visits to Agjabady, Aghdam, Tartar and Yevlakh regions for getting acquainted on-site with conditions of IDPs.


On October 18, 2010 Deputy Prime Minister-Chairman of State Committee on affairs of Refugees and IDPs gave an interview to the correspondent of “1+1” Ukraine TV channel and gave detailed information on historical roots of Armenian-Azerbaijan, Upper Garabakh conflict, problems of more than 1 million refugees and IDPs from our country, large-scale measures carried out in the direction of solution of their problems by state in recent years. Also on October 19 the correspondent has visited that region for getting acquainted with the conditions created for IDPs in newly constructed settlements in area of Fizuli.


On December 24, 2010  Advisor of the Minister of Health of Islamic Republic of Iran, Secretary General of the Healthcare Charity Union of Iran, Seyyid Rza Nayyiri met IDPs temporary settled in nine-storey dwelling house complex constructed in the area of integrated house-building factory №2 in Binagadi district of Baku.


Humanitarian aid in the amount of 772,9 thousand manats to 24 region (city) executive power upon the committee, 18,8 thousand manats to 198 families on the basis of application submitted by refugees and IDPs, totally in the amount of 791,7 thousand manats was rendered.


186,5 ton part of meat was given to 18650 families by the line of Islamic Development Bank on the occasion of Kurban holiday.


168 ton grain has been gathered from 166 ha area cultivated for the product of 2010 year by Agrarian Industry and Agrarian Farms under the committee. Sowing works were carried out at 136 ha area for the autumn sowing of 2010 year and product of 2011 year. Also 900,0 thousand manats manufactured goods were produced in Industry, AI and AFİ.


16941 persons as well as 6 persons the status of refugee and 16935 persons the status of internally displaced person and appropriate certificate about it were awarded.


35201 written and oral applications entered by 6817 citizens, received by refugees, IDPs and different organizations were reviewed, 99% of applications were executed and 66% were positively settled at Central Apparatus of State Committee on affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons.


189 refugees and internally displaced persons including 1 collective has been accepted by the  Deputy Prime Minister, chairman of State Committee on affairs of Refugees and IDPs.


4 decrees and orders by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and 15 resolutions and orders by the Cabinet of Ministers were adopted related with Refugees and internally displaced persons.