"... The problems of citizens expelled from all occupied regions and now living as refugees and internally displaced persons are the problem number one for us and for me personally".
On works performed within 2009 year by the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan on deals of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

On works performed within 2009 year by the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan on deals of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons



The following works were performed within 2009 year related with the execution of duties proposed by Head of State as well as normative-legal documents available in this sphere in the conference held related with “State Program on improvement of living conditions and increasing employment of refugees and internally displaced persons” approved by Decree No 298 of 1st July 01, 2004 issued by the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Additions performance to this State Program approved by the Decree 2475 of 31st October, 2007 issued by the President of Azerbaijan Republic, solution of refugees and internally displaced persons problems under the chairmanship of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic in the President Palace on September 04, 2007:


309,9 million manats were spent on the solution of refugees and internally displaced persons problems in 2009 (192,9 million manats of budget, 90 million manats of State Oil Foundation, 27 million of international humanitarian and development organizations). 192,9 million manats specified in the budget were spent on purpose within a year.


Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan Republic has participated and spoken at the opening ceremonies of 5 nine-story dwelling houses each consisting of 63 flats and one consisting of 54 flats and building of secondary school for 260 pupils for the 369 internally displaced families in the territory of Housing Center No 2 in Binagadi region, Baku city on November 17, 2009 as well as of the settlement constructed in the administrative area of that region for 596 internally displaced families temporarily settled in the settlement consisting of Finnish type houses in Goranboy region on November 20, 2009. 

Construction of the settlement with 120 families in Upper Aghjakand settlement of remaining 4 settlements with 500 families constructed in Goranboy region for internally displaced persons from Khojali region, estates for 26 internally displaced families in the territory of Goygol region were completed and movement of the IDPs was provided to these settlements.


The construction of the settlement laid in the territory of Fatmayi settlement of Absheron region was completed for improvement of living-welfare conditions of 31 internally displaced families temporarily settled in the auxiliary buildings of the Institute of Scientific -Research Agriculture in the Pirshagi settlement, Sabunchu district, Baku city, particularly from Zangilan region and displaced persons were resettled in houses in the settlements.


The construction of Sports Complex in the Horadiz city of Fuzuli region was began and restoration works of 1500 houses were realized in the populated areas released from occupation.


The construction of the Executive Power building of Jabrayil region is about to be concluded in the territory of Bilasuvar region.


Construction of five -storied building in the Ramana settlement of Absheron region was started for 70 displaced families the movement of which is considered from the objects (especially metro stations) required for an urgent movement in Baku city and movement of IDPs to that building will be provided being concluded on February 2010.


Repair works were began in 50 settlement objects of 130 required an urgent repair than hostels, communal buildings, sanatoriums and health camps closely settled by internally displaced persons in Baku, Sumgait, other cities and regions and it was agreed to realize repair works in the remaining 80 objects within the communal micro projects on the account of credits of World Bank by the Social Development Foundation of IDPs of Azerbaijan Republic which is a sponsoring agency.


197 hectare plot of land was allocated for 983 IDPs (550 houses at first stage) in the administrative area of Imishli region. Development of estimate-project documents was concluded and documents were presented to Head Expertise Office. But taking into consideration temporarily settlement of IDPs near Bahramtapa settlement of Imishli region and their applications-there had been a necessity for farming, obtaining specifications and redevelopment of the project. Thereby a plot of land was allocated, specifications were obtained and the development of general layout of the settlement still continues.


10 hectare plot of land for construction of multi-story buildings was allocated and specification was obtained for 612 internally displaced families in the territory of Yevlakh region. A contract was concluded for working of project documents and documents were produced to the Head Expertise Office.


Specifications were obtained to the plot of land allocated (for 502 families) and a contract was concluded with developer center for carrying out projects in Mingachevir city. Working out of estimate-project documents still continues.


Specifications were obtained from corresponding organizations for allocated area (84, 0 hectare for 423 families) in Shaki city.


Land documents, specifications were obtained, development of estimate-project documents was started on Aghjabadi region (for 994 and 114 internally displaced families settled in Finnish settlements and school buildings in the region (total-1108 families): construction of new settlements for 552 families from Lachin region, construction of multi-story houses for 556 families from other regions).


Land documents were obtained; it was applied to obtaining specifications on Agdam (construction of new settlements for 651 families) and Balakan regions (construction of five-story buildings for 43 families temporarily settled in school buildings in the region).


Construction of two five-story buildings for 152 internally displaced families was begun and construction works still continues in the territory of Gabala region.


Projection and simultaneously the construction of three 5 story buildings were started (two 60 apartment and one 45 apartment) for 164 families of internally displaced persons in the territory of Goranboy region related with the expediting the social-economic development of Naftalan region.


To improve housing and living condition for internally displaced persons 90 million manat was allocated by State Oil Fund in 2009. 1142 IDP families consisting of 5710 people were settled in newly built homes.


1747 people were employed as a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and its structural sections. Furthermore, 563 people were given a status of unemployed, unemployment benefits were determined to 680 people. 467 refugees and IDPs were involved in professional training courses, but 253 persons in the paid social works on the basis of the modern demands of labour market. Paying average monthly salary to over 14 thousand IDPs, worked in the enterprises funded from the budged and hadn’t been employed before, were carried on.


The poverty level diminished form 74% to 25% between IDPs as a result of “State Program on improvement of living conditions and employment for refugees and internally displaced persons” approved by the Decree No 298 of July 01, 2004 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Appendixes made by the Decree No 2475 of 31st of October, 2007 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Under the Item 2 of the Decree No 298 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of July 1, 2004, 776 applications were presented to the Committee for a year, 568 of them were about replacement of refugees and internally displaced persons, but 208 applications were about houses or flats of populations had been occupied by refugees and internally displaced persons.


The representative of the Committee participated in 88 judicial proceedings on displacement of IDPs from the places they had settled in, moving were irresistible after the applications were reviewed as per the Item 2 of the Decree, the citizens were answered appropriately.


Current repair was carried out in the 16 objects refugees and IDPs settled permanently at the amount of 450 thousand manat, but a capital repair in 18 settled objects at the amount of 500 thousand manat. At the investment expense of state 49 half constructed houses were built for mashati Turks settled in Sabirabad, Saatli, Aghjabadi and Khachamaz regions.


From 81, 1 million manat affirmed in 2009, 74, 6 million manat was paid to service organization for communal expenses of internally displaced persons by post of treasurer in centralized order regarding real consumption on defined norms.


In private houses and 570 compact residential places assembling the meter finished by “Bakielektrikshebeke”, “Sumgaitelektrikshebeke” JSC in 2009. The meters, from 83730 ones intended totally, were assembled in 23914 private houses of 32182 ones in 1180 compact settlement objects by Azerenergy “Regional Energy Supply” LLCs. Totally 60107 (71, 8%) meters were implemented under Azerenergy JSC.


In the direction of free usage of power supplies of compact settlement objects - 566 objects of 570 ones intended regarding “Bakielektirikshebeke”, “Sumgaitelektrikshebeke” JSC, but 950 (90%) residential objects of 1055 ones intended regarding “Regional Energy Supply” LLCs were used freely.


“Azerigas” Joint Stock Company completed the construction of 47194 meters (100%) intended in the private and compact residential objects in Baku city and in other regions of the Republic.


39 power transformers with different marks, 26 shelf KTP, 66 water pumps, 2925 meter cables, and 67000 meter power conductors were supplied to 90 settlement objects on different regions.


80 thousand IDPs families were provided with 40 liter kerosene per family from 7, 9 million manat aid affirmed to get stove fuel in autumn-winter seasons and 7, 2 million manat aid was spent for them (January-February, October-December months).


“International Food Program” organization program of UN in accordance with food aid in Azerbaijan completed in 2008. A transition has already begun from humanitarian allowance to social improvement projects in respect of IDPs.


Different benefits granted to IDPs at the amount of 3 million manat by ministry, committee, company, concern and joint company during the holidays.


Different projects have been implemented at the amount of 30 million USA dollars by 72 international humanitarian and development organizations in this are, in our Republic. 107 community micro-projects were registered by FSİDPs on the agreement between the World Bank and the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009. The implementation of 30 micro-projects at the amount of 1 208, 23 thousand AZN (1 515, 10 thousand USA dollars) was already been completed within 2009 that, 17507population benefited from that. At the same time 11 micro-projects were begun to be implemented which were at the amount of 791, 46 thousand AZN (992, 73 thousand USA dollars) and 7469 populations would benefited from.


Microcredit programs with total amount of 2, 1 million USA dollars are implemented for IDPs in different regions and cities of Azerbaijan at the expense of The World Bank and Azerbaijan Government. 2200 people were given microcredits with the total amount of 1, 5 million USA dollars in the framework of microcredit programs during the year 2009. Generally, over 15 thousand people made use of the microcredit programs of MKSIF. 60 %, that is 9000 people of them are internally displaced persons.


Over 185 meetings have been held with the representatives of foreign countries, international finance organizations, and humanitarian and development organizations by  chairman of State Committee under Refugees and IDPs affairs.


In regard to putting the truth about Armenia – Azerbaijan, Upper Garabakh conflict into attention of the World community different appropriate measures have been held and is still carried on. A film named “Hope and Belief” in two languages about IDPs was made, different booklets and a book was published named “Care of President for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons”.


Totally 629, 7 thousand manat humanitarian aid was granted to executive powers of 18 regions (cities) under the committee at the amount of 606,4 thousand manat, to 314 families at the amount of 23,3 thousand manat.


36, 9 ton meat share was delivered to 10289 families with the line of Islamic Development Bank on the occasion of Sacrifice holiday.


For 2009 harvest year crop was planted in 188 hectare area and 207 ton crop was reaped by Agrarian Industrial and Agrarian Farmer Economies under the Committee. Industrial goods (products) with 810 thousand manat in Industry, AS and AFT.


18230 people, as well as 54 people were given refugee status, 18176 people internally displaced person and thereof, appropriate certificates were issued.


8699 citizens were accepted in the Central Apparatus of State Committee under Refugees and IDPs affairs, 35218 written and oral applications presented by refugees, IDPs and different organizations were looked at, 98.4% of the applications were observed (executed), but 74,7 % of them were solved. 


150 refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as 5 collectives were received (accepted) by chairman of State Committee under Refugees and IDPs affairs.


2 decrees, 2 disposals were adopted by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 14 conclusions (decisions) and disposals were adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers.