"...The plight of the citizens, expelled from the occupied areas, who have now become refugees and immigrants, is the number one problem for us and a personal priority for me."
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A board meeting was held in the State Committee
Tədbirlər 15 February, 2022

Security actions and restoration and construction works are in progress in territories liberated by the Azerbaijani Army led by President, Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. Now we have a significant duty like preparation of IDPs for the return and integration to the Homeland, and necessary actions have been started to be taken in this regard.


This issue was discussed in detail at the next board meeting in the State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Reports on 2021 finals of the central office, departments and subordinated organizations of the Committee were discussed at the board meeting. Reports on informing the international community, sharing information in media on the Great Return, preparation of IDPs for voluntary return, conducting promotional works, online reception of IDPs taking into consideration of the special quarantine regime rules, consideration of their applications, arrangement of reception of committee management and heads of relevant departments, implementation of the personnel policy complying with the Law on “State Service” were heard.


The action plan of the board for 2022 was approved. Moreover, issues related to development of employment strategy in liberated territories and repatriation of IDPs, were discussed.


Relevant decisions were made on issued discussed in the board.



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