"...The plight of the citizens, expelled from the occupied areas, who have now become refugees and immigrants, is the number one problem for us and a personal priority for me."
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The 29th anniversary of Garadaghli tragedy was marked
Tədbirlər 17 February, 2021

29 years have passed since the occupation of Garadaghli village of Khojavand by the Armenian armed forces and the genocide committed against civilians.


Garadagli village, which had been heroically fighting against Armenian occupiers for 4 years, was occupied and burnt on February 17, 1992, and genocide was committed against civilians. During the occupation, 118 people were taken prisoner and 33 were shot. As a result of the occupation, 200 houses, 1 house of culture, a secondary school for 320 students, a hospital building of 25 beds and other facilities, historical, religious, cultural monuments and cemeteries belonging to Azerbaijanis were destroyed. About 800 residents of the village became internally displaced. 


According to AZERTAC regional correspondent, IDPs from Khojavand, who settled in Beylagan, visited the memorial complex erected in memory of the martyrs in Yeni Garadaghli settlement on the occasion of the anniversary of Garadaghli tragedy. Residents of Garadaghli village, representatives of the public, family members of the martyrs, former soldiers laid flowers at the memorial complex and paid tribute to the martyrs. Chairman of the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs Rovshan Rzayev and the head of Khojavand Region Executive Power Eyvaz Huseynov attended the commemorative ceremony.     


14 JUNE, 2022 / Tədbirlər Delegation of “Mine Mark” Foundation conducted training for schoolchildren in Aghdam and got acquainted with the scale of destruction in Aghdam city
13 JUNE, 2022 / Tədbirlər Interactive training on mine danger was held
04 JUNE, 2022 / Tədbirlər A new project for IDPs has launched
26 MAY, 2022 / Tədbirlər One day in Shusha … with the German ambassador
17 MAY, 2022 / Tədbirlər The next meeting of the Public Council was held
10 MAY, 2022 / Tədbirlər In the State Committee, an event was held dedicated to the 99th anniversary of birth of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev
04 MAY, 2022 / Tədbirlər Young employees of the State Committee were presented NAP (New Azerbaijan Party) membership cards
20 April, 2022 / Tədbirlər The presentation of the book “God’s Rise” was held at the State Committee
15 April, 2022 / Tədbirlər Training on “Government support mechanisms for farmers” was held
15 February, 2022 / Tədbirlər A board meeting was held in the State Committee
02 February, 2022 / Tədbirlər A video conferencing “Our Youth from Karabakh, Zangazur” was arranged on the Youth Day
19 January, 2022 / Tədbirlər ANAMA arranged training for employees of the State Committee
09 December, 2021 / Tədbirlər An innovative mine safety event was held at Gobu Park
11 November, 2021 / Tədbirlər An event was held for support to IDPs
10 November, 2021 / Tədbirlər A social action called “Zefer arzulari” (Victory wishes) was held
05 November, 2021 / Tədbirlər “Zəfər arzuları” adlı sosial aksiya keçirilib
09 October, 2021 / Tədbirlər Dövlət Komitəsinin sədr müavini BMT-nin tədbirində çıxış edib
27 September, 2021 / Tədbirlər Representative offices in the regions commemorated the martyrs
27 September, 2021 / Tədbirlər The State Committee commemorated the martyrs
30 JUNE, 2021 / Tədbirlər Memory of martyrs was immortalized