"...The plight of the citizens, expelled from the occupied areas, who have now become refugees and immigrants, is the number one problem for us and a personal priority for me."
Rovshen Rzayev Chairman of the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs
E-poçt :r.rzayev@refugees-committee.gov.az
Sabir Ahmadov Deputy Chairman
Tel.:(012) 431-29-07
E-poçt :sabir.ahmedov@refugee.gov.az
Fuad Huseynov Deputy Chairman
Tel.:(012) 431-29-07
E-poçt :f.huseynov@refugees-committee.gov.az
Eldar Zeynalov Chief of Staff
Tel.:(012) 530-42-44
E-poçt :e.zeynalov@refugees-committee.gov.az
Vugar Nasirov Deputy Chief of Staff
Tel.:(012) 530-42-44
E-poçt :vuqar.nasirov@refugee.gov.az
Nizami Hüseynov Organizational-Control and Analytical Department
Tel.:(012) 431-03-39
E-poçt :nizami.huseynov@idp.gov.az
Elshan Guliyev Department of Finance
Tel.:(012) 431-21-70
E-poçt :elshan.quliyev@refugee.gov.az
Ziya Mammadov Department of Law and Human Resources
Tel.:(012) 431--31-26
E-poçt :ziya.mammadov@refugee.gov.az
Vuqar Maharramov Department for work with Documents and Citizen's applications
Tel.:(012) 431 61 81
E-poçt :vuqar.maharramov@refugee.gov.az
Rovshan Mammadov Department of Social Supply and Utilities
Tel.:(012) 430-09-25
E-poçt :rovshan.mammadov@refugee.gov.az
Aslan Cavanshirov Department of Information Technologies Application and Electronic Management
Tel.:(012) 431-21-66
E-poçt :aslan.cavansir@refugee.gov.az
Rovshan Alvandov Department of Construction, Renovation and Purchasing
Tel.:(12) 431-62-53
E-poçt :rovshan.alvandov@refugee.gov.az
Sanan Huseynov Department of Regional Management and Status
Tel.:(012) 431-70-48
E-poçt :sanan.huseynov@refugee.gov.az
Huseynqulu Abbasaliyev Department of Monitoring
E-poçt :
Ibrahim Mirzayev Department of International Relations, Information and Press service
Tel.:(012) 530-82-37
E-poçt :ibrahim.mirzayev@refugee.gov.az
Sabuhi Ahmedov Department of House Maintenance
Tel.:(012) 430-81-49
E-poçt :sabuhi.ahmadov@refugee.gov.az
Natiq Huseynov Department of Repatriation
Tel.:(012) 431-27-22
E-poçt :natiq.huseynov@refugee.gov.az
Rafiq İbrahimov Management for Under Construction Facilities
E-poçt :rafiq.ibrahimov@refugee.gov.az
Gudrat Abishov Department of Project Technology and Constructor
E-poçt :qudrat.abishov@refugee.gov.az
Nizami Allahverdiyev SElf Financing Supply and Production department
Tel.:(012) 430-09-27
E-poçt :nizami.allahverdiyev@refugee.gov.az
Elshan Aliyev "Vətən səsi" newspaper
Tel.:(012) 431-36-90
E-poçt :elshan.aliyev@refugee.gov.az
Komitənin ünvanı: Bakı şəhəri, Tbilisi prospekti 129
Tel/fax: (99412) 430 09 24, 431 61 81
E-poçt: info@refugee.gov.az